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What is this blog about? Well, I'm still working that out, so let's call it a work in progress.

This I do know. It's not about attracting followers, "likes", or other similar things. Though you're welcome to follow along if you like.

It is about at least two things:

1. A place for me to express my thoughts on what it means to be a full time dad and outdoors guy. Let's be honest, it's about me. Kind of a mental workshop for writing and sorting out life and whatever it feels like tossing at me.

2. Yet, beyond the admittedly self-indulgent aspect of all this, I return to the guideline that I've tried to apply to any post, comment, etc. I've made online over the last 25 years: Can what I'm posting contribute something positive to at least one other person or is it just about me? If the latter, then I probably don't need to do it.

It can be about me, but I want that to be helpful in someway to someone else. Does that make sense?

As I said, a work in progress. I'll keep you posted if anyone is actually listening!